I was the DJ/producer/engineer for the Shed Dwellaz. We existed from roughly 1995 to early 2000 in various forms with a myriad of members. In 99 I decided to quit my job at Stacey's Bookstore and move to Phoenix, AZ to attend audio engineering school. I was burnt on my job, the scene in Redwood was getting hectic and I felt like I was at a crossroads musically. Our friend the Zodiak Iller had recently passed away and continuing the Shed Dwellaz without him just wasn't an option for me. So I bailed to AZ. had my mind blown inside out and really built my audio skills up.

When I returned 6 months later, I went back to making beats with a vengeance but didn't really have any projects lined up. I reconnected with Stinkweed from the Dwellaz and we recorded a few demos. He already had the whole Shadow People concept so we threw together some artwork and burned a bunch of cdrs of the tracks we had so far. Around the time we were passing out this CD, we started recording some tracks with Tizoe and the Shadow People line up was solidified. We played a grip of shows, the most memorable being the shows with Third Sight and Sacred Hoop at Kimo's (people still talk about the debauchery that went down on this night) as well as another Kimo's show with Artimus Pyle and Lie (Japan). We got the Lie cats so high they were probably rethinking naming their 7" "Legalize It". Eventually shit started to breakdown between the three of us and and we stopped working together as Shadow People. Before the split we managed to record 3 songs
that are unreleased to this day.

Some technical info regarding "Lurkin in the Shadows": All the beats were made on an MPC2000 (with the exception of the last track which was produced by Tizoe and thrown on the disc at the last minute). The original Stinko demo tracks were recorded on a Roland digital 4 track and were later transferred to DA88 tape. The songs with Tizoe and Stinko were recorded on ADATs using a small analog board. Everything was mixed during one intense late night opium smoking session at a studio where the real customers have to pay upwards of $150/hr. Shout out to Cus (wherever you are) for hooking that shit up.

An acquaintance (and I use the term loosely) of ours offered to put it out as one of the first releases on his new "label", however he was more concerned with being in the biz rather than handling the biz and cheaply pressed them on the crappiest CDrs available. To this day I have people hitting me up saying they "wore their copy out". Tizoe gave his cousin a shrink wrapped copy only to have him open it and the CD was fucking missing! For these reasons I'm blessing y'all with a 320kbs rip of the Shadow People's "Lurkin' in the Shadowz".

- Dan Lactose AKA Eons One

Download it!

FOR MORE HEAD OVER TO http://stinkweed.bandcamp.com


gooniestorm said...

oh shit! rad to finally have a copy of this shit! awesome blog Jay, thanx for posting all this dope shit, and it was hella cool hangin out with y'all the other day!
-jason storm (go like this)

kopazz said...

This one blows me away! My CD crapped out a long time ago and it's good to hear this shit clean.

Thanks again!


dan said...

whoa... finally! been looking for it for 5 or 6 years pal, since i heard some mp3 on the record label site along with united sicko fundation.
absolute blast!! any chance you have USF as well??

this blog made my day!

Zak said...

Good shit Eons!! I still have a couple shrink wrapped copies from back in the day, as well as the USF and Shed vinyl that was put out. I hope my copies work still (if theyre even in the jewel cases after I open em!!) Keep on reppin folks, much love an respect to ya, West Bay Coa representative Zak1 puttin it down to the max!!

Anonymous said...

Clarity for a moment on the release: From the person that was supposedly "more concerned with being in the biz rather than handling the biz and cheaply pressed them on the crappiest CDrs available." That person came out of his own pocket for You Eons and Tiz and Stinko. And that dude had an issue with a Production House. Nothing More, Nothing Less It was nothing personal and you Didn't pay for the release or give advice as to how to get it done better at the time. I'll give you a pass for the still dripping venom, cos you wrote this 6 years ago. But this was a pretty arrogant and bitter post when you factor in your slop at the end. Embarrassing. I hope you're of a peaceful mind now and still killing it on the MPC. I always did like your drums which is why I pressed them up.
One love to all the Dank Daddies