Elephantman 7"

Yeah, it's been 2 fucking months since anything has been put up on this blog. My computer got eaten by a virus and I can't speak for the other doomz out there that are welcome to add content; maybe they were high, in jail, drunk, or comatoast, or whatever. We are not and probably will never be 'consistent' in the terms of standard music 'acts' out there, that's just the way we operate.

So hot air aside, I've been wanting to throw up some recordings by one of my favorite bands that popped up in our circle by pure matters of chance....and they fucking killed it under the banner of Elephantman.

Here's a blog posted by 'Creepy' Mike of Capitalist Casualties that tells some of the tale of Elephantman:

let's start with the way this band started. capitalist casualties was on tour in japan, and in nagoya a guy came up to me and said "i'am coming to the states, and i'am gonna start a band, will you play guitar for me"? well i figured he wouldn't actually make it to the states to start the band so i said yes. one year later he walked into my work at buffalo exchange and wanted to jam. i had put my foot in my mouth. he had a young drummer named elliot and an old friend of mine frank from plutocracy and agents of satan on bass. about 6 months later we started playing shows, soon after we had shared the stage with warmachine, catheter, carniceria, walken, capitalist casualties, artimus pyle, maggot colony, wasteoid, straight edge kegger, cruevo, noxagt, shadow people, l.i.e.,pig destroyer, phobia, benumb, vulgar pigeons, fall of the bastards, wormwood, and many others. we recorded a 7 inch on elliots label i.o.i. records, and some other shit that isn't out yet. we became popular fairly fast, due in part to very violent gigs, with most fights including band members and members of the audience. our sound was not unlike that of sleep, iron monkey, old napalm death, and capitalist casualties. well after about three years we are gonna play again here and there. if anyone has ever seen us, leave me a comment, good or bad!

You can find Mike's myspace profile here. (if you'd like to drop him a line)

And here's a review of their 7" released on drummer Elliot's label (Impatience or Indifference)

"These guys crank out some solid hardcore/punk with a little bit of a crossover feel at times, as well as some fucking killer sludgy riffing and more of a strange rock vibe on occasion - making for an interesting combination of sounds. Members of this band have played in a slew of other great acts like Capitalist Casualties, Agents of Satan, and Plutocracy, among others, and their vocalist hails from Japan, bringing with him a shrieking intensity not unlike what one would expect from the country. But like I said, this is diverse material, so don't expect it to mirror the work of the musicians' past efforts. I really like the killer basslines that run all over the place between the percussion and the guitars, I think that's an enormous strength here, but their penchant for throbbing sludge riffs is also a nice balance for their faster, more grating side (perfectly exemplified by their scorching cover of Black Flag's Thirsty & Miserable)".- www.aversionline.com

Download it!