Plutocracy is playing The Blvd. in LA on 11/13/10

LA homies get ready for another Plutoloko strike thru!
Saturday November 13th 2010 at the Blvd. on Whittier in Boyle fuckin' Heights ..... 3am foil tacos eternal!


GO LIKE THIS live at the Tidal Wave metalfest in San Francisco 7/25/10

New Plutocracy 'Off The Pigs' 12" EP Available NOW! (CD with Extras coming soon .... hopefully)

Finally (and thankfully) a follow up to Sniping Pigs arrives!! New songs with new drummer Eli (Fall of the Bastards / Oakhelm)! Recorded in January 2010 at Shark Bite in Oakland, CA with Billy Anderson at the helm and guest vocals! Additional guest vocals by Lord Balsakk (Agents of Satan) and a twisted original composition by Eric Wood of Bastard Noise. Vinyl limited to 500 copies! SOLD OUT!

Plutocracy live at The Blvd.

Video of Plutocracy at the Blvd. in East LA where they played with Bad Acid Trip, Progeria, Lack of Interest, and the Bastard Noise on 7/16/10 in support of their recent Mini LP 'Off The Pigs' on Forest Moon.


Elephantman / Bastard Squad CD OUT NOW!

CD Copies available now!
This release was initially planned as a split 12", but that's been shit-canned so get this or get AIDS!

Contact Go Like This! to get yours.

Description from RSR records goes something like this:

Elephant man features Mike from Capitalist Casualties, and Frank from Agents of Satan, mixing up grind, punk and Sabbath riffs, with screaming in Japanese! ....not unlike that of Sleep, Iron Monkey, old Napalm Death and Capitalist Casualties....

Bastard Squad features the legendary Stinkweed from Plutocracy, No Le$$, and Go Like This, and Mike from West Bay psychos Apeshit, ripping up sickening riffage and fucked up samples....

These recordings are from 2004 and have not been released until now.
Better late than dead.

Download it!