BULLSHIT EXCUSE (1999 - 2000)
Began in '99 after Shanko moved to RWC and wanted to jam. He recruited Leon from Apeshit to play drums and we started to jam out in Leon's Kitchen. Deshko caught wind and wanted to do vocals and Kindred also wanted to be involved. Around that time, Shanko, Kindred and I (along with some other RWC OG's) were working at a cabinet shop in RWC. The name Bullshit Excuse comes from phone calls our boss received from employees calling in sick. Alot of the song titles refer to our time working together there. Bullshit Excuse existed concurrently with the reunited Plutocracy. We played several shows locally and did this recording sometime in 2000. After the recording, we changed our name to MethKamp which devolved later into Singaia. These songs are from a limited run of CD's (100?) released by Deshko on his Family of Resistance label, and are only about half of the songs that were recorded. Tony Easly did the awesome cover art. Shortly after this recording, Kindred, Shanko and I started Kalmex and the Riffmerchants with Thomas and Dan Lactose. ~ Frank aka LEPR aka Ramon Salcido

Bullshit Excuse


Aesop said...

That cover pretty much rules.


total screensaver/desktop image material, right Aesop?

Eons One said...

wow, the rippler is ONLINE!

Jeff said...

PLEASE re-release this with the other half of stuff you recorded

Anonymous said...

oh man, i discovered your blog recently, and this link is dead, i don't even know if your still check this stuff out, but if it's not much trouble to reupload, could you do it? pretty please?

thanx a lot