Decibel Magazine honors the passing of Stinkweed

Decibel Magazine honors the passing of Stinkweed Special Thanks to Dave Adelson at 20 Buck Spin records and to Albert Mudrian at Decibel for facilitating this public eulogy for Kindred and mega thanks to Shawn Macomber for assembling and editing this piece for us Doomryderz. Leave a comment on the Decibel page for Kin!!!! Click here if you didn't already find the link!


Agents of Satan - Live at KFJC - 11.2.11

This is some of the last video footage of Stinkweed playing with Agents of Satan. Thanks to Dominic Trix at KFJC for the opportunity to play the Pit and for uploading this footage! ~ Lord Balsakk


R.I.P. Kindred McCune (aka: Stinkweed Malone)

West Bay Koalition Presidente Kindred McCune (aka Stinkweed Malone) passed beyond our realm a few days ago. We don't know exactly how he passed. He was afflicted by a major infection associated with a broken leg as well as other ailments that outsiders would not know about. We lost our BROTHER. Period. Kin was THE most talented, gifted, driven, creative, and hard-fuckin-core dude the 'scene' has or will ever see again. Those of you who really knew him, understand these facts. To the rest of you, we truly appreciate your support but ask that the rumors stop, it's just not sexy for you to be speculating on this matter so stop it. There's a ton of material that Kindred recorded that has not been released publicly and we intend to honor our fallen brother by properly releasing them to our fans soon. In the meantime please honor our request to keep your uninformed commentary to yourselves, and, if you are connected to us, dial us up and talk to us. To those of you that have already done so, thanks for the love. To those of you that haven't, don't be shy. Cry now, cry later ~ Lord Balsakk
Extra special thanks to Curly for the vid below:

The picture at the top is from Plutocracy's performance at the Short, Fast, & Loud 'zine's 10 year anniversary fest at Gilman / January 2011