Emetic were an insane group of methgrinders out of Atascadero, CA that used to schraggle their way up to the bay to hang out with the Redwood Dankdaddies and played a few shows with No Le$$, Agents of Satan, and DBE.  They told us that they and another group down there ('B.O.') played huge parties down in Central Cali where they would set up in living rooms and assault the fuck out of the local hippies, hicks, and college students with their unique brand of Malt Liquor Grind.  We were to distracted getting dusted in the woods to ever make it down there but we would have loved to help them 'hug' the Central Cali hippies.  To say their shit is devastating is an understatement.  The vocals are beyond 'balls on fire' psychotic (to this day nobody has ever sounded as loc'd as Ba Bwauk), the riffs are amplified shards of meth genius, and the drums are precision blasts ala Sandoval / World Downfall worship.  What you see above is from the split 7" with Gory Melanoma released by 625 Thrash (#11).  Below you can get those tracks ripped from wax and a rip of the OG warped demo tape that Shanky and the crew circulated amongst the Dankdaddies in 1994.  So what you got here is face ripping grind violence from 20 years ago that current 'grind' or 'power violence' shit can't hold a candle to.  This is 'FUCK YOU! I WILL KILL YOU!' music.  Shanky Tooth went on to join fellow Doomryderz in Bullshit Excuse, Hulk on Meth, and  Riffmerchants.  Anybody reading this with knowledge of 'B.O.' or 'Flight 19' get in touch.

Split with Gory Melonoma

4 track Demo


REDACTED is a new Doomryderz band with Freeway (Immortal Fate, Autopsy, Abscess) on Battery, Kalmex (Plutocracy, No Le$$ etc.) on Axe of Dank, Snowman (Immortal Fate, No Le$$ etc.) on Axe of Dank, Frank Ripple (Agents of Satan, Plutocracy, Go Like This etc.) on Rumble of Dank, and verbal abuse by Sakk (Agents of Satan, deadbodieseverywhere, Go Like This etc.).  They've played a few shows so far and have recorded some rehearsal tracks (check out a few raw takes below).  Redacted will be playing the Elbo Room in SF on Aug. 26th.  A proper recording is being scheduled at Earhammer Studios for the fall and a release of some sort will follow soon after.


A few requests came through to re-up some of the uploads because rapidshare fucked them off a few years ago, so now they are on Mega and hopefully the trigger happy feds don't raid that pimp up there again anytime soon.