This is Stnkweed Malone kickin the real story of the Shedwellaz. I started the 'dwellaz after being in a rap group with my homeboy J-ster and Penz-oner, the group was called The Factor and was sampled by Agents of Satan on their 625 debut 7". They (J-ster & Penz) wanted to do more intelligent hip hop and I wanted to do it all (more crazyshit) so we went separate ways, but we will always be friends. So Kalmex told me Dan from Spazz was doing some dj work, so we got him on beats and cuts. We used to do, sell and weigh dope in my homie's Eighth-of-Dank's backyard shed so my homie Casper called us Shedwellaz. So I kept the name and repped the game. So the first line-up was lil' Josh aka 'Eighth-of-Dank': the shed facilitator, Stnkweed Malone: wack mc eliminator, dj Eons: dope beat rotator, and Lobo Lobiano: the nocturnal human beast. We soon recruited Zodiak-iller (976, Factor, No Le$$) and Tizoe Davinci(wsg ,kompound). We cut our first real track at Trainwreck Recording studio (engineered by smokin bomb tom). deadbodieseverywhere let me use a better 4- track for the group (I still owe them a 4-track to this day...I'm such a dick but they still love me). Anyways that's when the fun really began, when I went mobile. We had dj Optimus Prime, Leon, and Tizoe all making beats at this time along with Eons. I would always help with samples we even had Mike Silva from Apeshit doing bass lines. The dankraphone devils: Zak-1 and Gino soon got in on the mix, but i was on alot of drugs so things didn't go so good for the group. Now I've got my shit together and I have added a new member to the family: TC Bonelocs (Feldmans, Translators, Murder of Crows) and any old member I can find that's down to rhyme. I just want to stress that not one person did everything we all did everything, even Shanky Tooth (Emetic, Bullshit Excuse, Riffmerchants) made a few beats. Optimus Prime probably produced with me the most notorious Shedwellaz song ever, 'Evil Souls' (featuring Zodiak-iller r.i.p). Satan's Pimp put out our only vinyl (12" EP). I'm trying to do some remixes with some Zodiak-iller flows, we just need to get some acapella's from Eons. But the tradition lives on, me and TC are still in a shed doing this shit straight out the gutter muthafukaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check us out! Call me (Kindred aka Stnkweed) at (415)572-8960 or call TC Bonelocs at (650)218-5535. It's hard to keep it all together when you're on drugs and broke, so thanx to all the people out there who show love to us and not hate! ~ Stnkweed aka Showtime. I'll see u when I get out of jail. Kindred Lee McCune, Santa Clara County Jail

Shedwellaz 'Back 2 tha Shed' (tracked 2007 thru 2008 at the Habitat by TC Bonelocs)



BULLSHIT EXCUSE (1999 - 2000)
Began in '99 after Shanko moved to RWC and wanted to jam. He recruited Leon from Apeshit to play drums and we started to jam out in Leon's Kitchen. Deshko caught wind and wanted to do vocals and Kindred also wanted to be involved. Around that time, Shanko, Kindred and I (along with some other RWC OG's) were working at a cabinet shop in RWC. The name Bullshit Excuse comes from phone calls our boss received from employees calling in sick. Alot of the song titles refer to our time working together there. Bullshit Excuse existed concurrently with the reunited Plutocracy. We played several shows locally and did this recording sometime in 2000. After the recording, we changed our name to MethKamp which devolved later into Singaia. These songs are from a limited run of CD's (100?) released by Deshko on his Family of Resistance label, and are only about half of the songs that were recorded. Tony Easly did the awesome cover art. Shortly after this recording, Kindred, Shanko and I started Kalmex and the Riffmerchants with Thomas and Dan Lactose. ~ Frank aka LEPR aka Ramon Salcido

Bullshit Excuse