No Le$$ / E.T.O. split 7" EP (625 Productions)

OK, so I got my first request from Aesop. He wanted to see some No Le$$ up on here and I'm much obliged to do so. This split came out on Max Ward's (Spazz/Plutocracy etc.) 625 Productions Label back in 1993. This is 625 release numero uno even though there is no label info on the layout. Some of the No Le$$ tracks appeared on their 'Tape One aka Le$$on One' demo tape. (which I will post soon). So if you know the history of the Dankdaddies Crew from Redwood City, CA, you'd know that this band was a bit of a super group in that it had 2 members of Plutocracy (Stinkweed: guitar, Kalmex: drums), 2 members of Immortal Fate (Snowman: guitar, Pelon: vocals) and the legendary Big Boy from 976 infamy on the Rikenbacker. These dudes secured a seedy jam spot in the notorious ghetto of East Palo Alto (EPA) just south of Redwood City. It was in this shithole of a space that these psychos completely reinvented the wheel of hardcore/grind/fastcore or whatever the fuck category YOU think this music fits into. Eric Wood (Neanderthal, P.H.C., Bastard Noise, Man is the Bastard etc.) crowned No Le$$'s sound 'Electric Jungle Violence'. I call No Le$$'s experimentations in grind/hardcore pure fucking unmatched brilliance. No Le$$ would go onto to inspire and influence quite a few killer bands. I saw it first hand when Agents of Satan and No Le$$ played a gig with Cephalic Carnage in Denver back in 1997 and I shit you not, those Cephalic dudes were never the same after witnessing No Le$$ and spending an evening with the Doomryderz. Cephalic's 'Fortuitous Oddity' Demo that we got from them that night is pretty sick but not nearly as twisted as No Le$$'s Lesson One tape. Interesting that these two bands were on similar paths at the time. Too bad No Le$$ never had the fortune of reaching the heights that Cephalic reached. Oh well, such is the luck of the entire crew, but to me No Le$$ was the better band and if you compare each bands first demos, it is pretty fucking obvious who was smoking 'snappa' and who wasn't. E.T.O. balanced out this split with furious styles and damage of their own. Evolved to Obliteration was the band comprised of Jerry aka Pig in a Blanket (ex-976) on drums, Alex aka Len Dog on guitar, Alberto aka Berto on bass and some other guys that I never got too familiar with (Ferhan on 2nd guitar and Mateo on vocals). These Mountain View, CA maniacs didn't play live often and when they did it was usually at an out of control backyard suburban kegger. When ETO fired up their amps and detonated their distortion pedals, all hell would break loose, no shit. E.T.O. would later employ the mic services of Max Ward. Max took to the mic like a pitbull with its balls on fire....dude would scream so hard he lost his voice 3 songs into a live set once and just held the mic out for whoever wanted to grab it...I think Ness ended up with it that night. More posts for E.T.O. later as well. Spark up a dusted jay and grab the old gold and dent it! ~ Lord Ballsakk

No Le$$ / E.T.O Split 7"


Aesop said...

Thanks so much, man.

Dan said...

Thanks! I've been wanting to hear this for a long time.

BORN SICK said...

thank you!!!!!
i will be listening to this later once i have my peace pipe loaded. on a captain morgan's wylde ryde.
while headed for greener pastures.


thanks bud!

Anonymous said...

I have the 976 demo "Will f%^*k for food" with original members jerry, Scott, dan and Marshall. Recorded in EPA. Love it and listen to it regularly.


Thanks for the comment. Did not think this blog was getting any hits anymore since I haven't uploaded anything in years! Maybe I should upload the CD Jerry released that has both tapes on it. Check back here soon.