Altamira - Point of Impact (2008)

Here's the 'Point of Impact' album by Redwood City, CA's 'Altamira'.

This album is the only recording so far from this clan.
This was recorded back in May of 2007 at House of Faith in Oakland by the grand po-bah; Bart Thurber. It was then mastered on the East Coast at Visceral Sound by Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer/Agoraphobic Nosebleed.
This band features Leper(Agents of Satan/Plutocracy/Bullshit Excuse/Kalmex and the Riffmerchants/elephantman/Go Like This!/Kompound...???...), Snowman(Immortal Fate/No Le$$), and Lord Ballsakk(Agents of Satan/Deadbodieseverywhere/Funeral Shock/Go Like This!).

We'd really like to see this thing get released on limited vinyl....if you can help, then please drop us a line.

Categorize it however you need, we just call it Doomryder metal. ~ Lord Ballsakk

Check out the band at www.myspace.com/rockthecave

Altamira - 'Point of Impact' CD


Aesop said...

Very excited to see where this blog goes.


Thanks for all the years of support Aesop! You are die-fucking-hard!

Anonymous said...

Holly shit, I have no idea why I never even knew that this band existed, but I'm very glad that I do now. Thanks for the killer tunes! - Kenny/Buriedinhell Records