Kalmex and the Riffmerchants 'Electric Bukkake'

I released this CD by these true Doomz back in 2004. It's my favorite release on Intolerant Messiah because I think it's the best album I've ever released. The reviews for it were a mixed bag, from 'terrible', to 'baffling', to 'genius' which to me has historically been exactly the response the best albums out there receive by the fans and the music publications. The only negative criticism I agree with is that the cover is total shit. They had a really depraved concept for the cover but the artist they chose failed to deliver it properly and due to time restraints to get the fucking thing released we just said 'fuck it' and went with the artists piece anyway. I think if it had a better cover, it might have been better received by 'outsiders'; all us Doomz, on the other hand, could really give a fuck about the albums cover art, it's the music that we're after, not the drawings. This is not the final release by the Riffmerchants as there will be at least one new release by them this year; 'Ultrasonic Holocaust'. 'Ultrasonic' has been in the making for years and got 'back-burnered' due to a communication lapse between the band and Eric Wood from M.I.T.B, Bastard Noise, Neanderthal etc. This album is a collaborative piece between the Riffmerchants and Wood. Recently, the merchants and Wood have revived the project and it should finally be completed and properly released in the next few months. Since I'm pre-occupied with moving (again), I have posted the 'one-sheet' I sent to all the mags, zines, and distributors for the masterpiece that is 'Electric Bukkake' to give my description. Enjoy the doomryde! ~ Lord Ballsakk
Download 'Electric Bukkake' here

Tracklist: Pig Family Gangbang, P-Cam, Designated DUI, Force Fed, Electric Bukkake, Deadly Reprisal, Soiled Cottons, Enter the Virgin

If you would like to buy a copy of this CD, send $8 for USA ($12 for the rest of the world), Paypal to deadbodydude@yahoo.com or snail mail cash or money order (at your own risk) to: IxMx / PO Box 6162 / San Mateo CA 94403 USA


Stnkweedo goes to Elmwood......for 60 to 90

Stnkweed Malone wanted to personally share his experience with the Shadow People and the Shedwellaz a bit more so here goes:

"The Shadow People started where the 'Dwellaz left off. Since Zodiakiller (R.I.P.) & Lobo Lobiano weren't around. Tizoe also wasn't available. So me and Eons started doing Shadow Peeps, until the 'Dwellaz could start doing stuff again. So me and Eons started messing around at his house. Eons made the beats and did the cuts, and sometimes I would help with the samples for hooks. We soon had a few tracks together. Tizoe soon came back into the picture and got on the last tracks. Leech filmed a video for us. It was extreme and too offensive for some, but is was good. The Shadow People's style, in my mind, was supposed to be very offensive; not 'happy hip-hop', but more of the stuff people never say but maybe would like to say; basically 'over-the-top' is what I was going for. I think that's part of the reason that Riley didn't keep going with the project; it was a little too extreme. I soon got back on meth and stopped doing music. Then the Kompound started up by Savage, Frank (Lepr), & Tizoe. I soon joined along with Lobo, then due to people moving and drugs and jail and all kinds of shit, the Kompound has kinda been put on hold. So I took the opportunity to start up the Shedwellaz again. TC Bone Locs (Go Like This!) had his studio in RWC and made the beats and I rapped, the rest is history. Basically we're just trying to do the Shedwellaz with pretty much anybody that's down with us helping out with the project. I think it's part of the reason it's so dope. It represents the West Bay Koalition's reputation for variety. TC's other band 'Murder of Crows' has helped us get hooked up with shows and things have been going good. I'm writing this the day before I go to jail for a stretch but I ain't tripping 'cuz I know all the Doomryderz and West Bay Dankdaddies have got my back. Big shout out to Lord Ballsakk for doing this website. Be on the lookout for a whole bunch of of Shedwellaz projects coming out in 2009.... we've recorded over 40 songs in the last 2 years!
Peace out ~ Stnkweed Malone ~ West Bay Presidente."

* If you want to drop Stnkweed a line while he's locked up, just write a comment here with your email address and you'll get sent his inmate info.


Plutocracy 'Dankstahz' album, "one of 20 US grindcore releases you just must own" - Terrorizer Magazine #181 March 2009

It was one thing to finally get some Doomryderz acknowledgment from the major metal press via the fact that 'This Comp Kills Fascists' made Decibel magazine's Top 40 releases of 2008 and made mention of Agents of Satan, but having Terrorizer magazine place Plutocracy's 'Dankstahz' album at #17 of the top 20 US grindcore albums that you must have is just fucking sick as fuck! I literally jumped off the couch last night when I turned the page to glance over the list and saw Pluto at #17!! I think I even spiked the mag in a display of victory; football style. Know what? Terrorizer is dead on spot listing this album as one of the most important grind records ever.....FUCKING EVER!! Think about it for a second. If you know you shit about grindcore and have never thought that this album actually is that historical and important to the genre....then buy a bullet and rent a gun, you fucking elitist faggot!!! Put this record up against all the current retro-grind out there, and you'll just want to slap yourself for never hearing this (if you haven't) and punch yourself in the junk (if you've never seen them live). Monumental and genius is how I think of this album. Kalmex and Stnkweed wrote this fucker in a haze of dope and malt liquor and proved their mettle and their METAL!! Terrorizer got it kinda correct although the cover art shown is not the actual cover art for the LP, the actual cover art on the 625 Productions/Slap-a-ham released ltd. LP* has the Pluto logo and a weird picture of an alien-like looking fetus (that's what I see anyway) and on the back they re-used the 'Freedom Denied' 7" cover art with the song titles. Also, the best way to listen to the Dankstahz album is on vinyl of course so fuck the CD and listen to this uploaded version of JUST the Dankstahz album and not all the older stuff (which is also killer but best listened to separately on their own as their own). And why the D.A. name drop, Terrorizer? The Pluto side of that split fucking crushes the D.A. side!! So sick of all the D.A. ass-licking in this scene....yaddaimeen? ~ Lord fucking Ballsakk

Plutocracy 'Dankstahz'

I ripped the Dankstahz tracks from the compilation CD so the track numbers say 7 thru 22

* The 'Dankstahz' 12" LP was limited to 500 copies because the shitty record plant (United?) broke the fucking plates for this masterpiece. Some German label asked Pluto to release a 10" version for Europe and who fucking knows exactly how many copies that sleazy dude pressed and sold of that version. (do you know? tell me if I'm wrong, I can handle it)