Verlaten are a current West Bay grind powerhouse featuring veteran Doomryderz from Plutocracy/No Le$$ (Kalmex-drums), Immortal Fate (Pat-guitar), and deadbodieseverywhere (Grip-bass). Kalmex had been riding the pine on the sidelines for awhile since the demise of Kalmex & the Riffmerchants. I remember him saying that he didn't want to be behind the kit in the next band he did, he wanted to go back to guitar. He got to talking with Grip about doing a grind band with Pat from I.F. and his buddy Jed on guitars. I went to one of their early rehearsals at Lennon Studios in SF so they could hear what their grind would sound like with some vocals. I was shocked to hear how gnarly they had gotten in such a short time period. It was rad to shred the PA with them and I wanted to join but was already consumed by Altamira. Anyway, they found a young buck through a Craigslist posting named Kona to take the helm, and he slays in his own menacing yet quirky way so he's a perfect fit. Verlaten has already played a slew of gigs in the Bay Area with Go Like This!, E.N.T., Skitzo, Maggot Colony, Godstomper, Progeria, Lack of Interest, etc. as well as their debut at a notorious Agents of Satan performance on 10/26/07 in San Jose. They did a short tour up the West Coast this past summer and played some pretty sick bills up in Portland and Seattle with the likes of Sissy Spacek (Bastard Noise members), Superbad, Kudzu, and Sean. Their debut album is already recorded and at the plant, and will soon be released on CD and Vinyl (fuck yeah!) by Buried in Hell records out of Sacto. "Verlaten grind" has elements of Immortal Fate's brand of Doom/Death/Grind, with it's 200mph cyclones slamming skull first into brick walls of putrid sewer sludge ala subsonic rumbles from DBE's Grip-master. There's also some psychotic bad PCP trippage mixed in to sauce it up and keep it fresh and interesting (not as nutty as No Le$$ but still damn creepy). You'll also detect some Pluto styled riff-age courtesy of Kalmex (he's having his cake and frosting it too this time). Don't EVER sleep on the DOOM'Z!! Just when you write us off we come back and let you know that we'll never die, just multiply. Can you dig it? ~ Lord Balsakk

Verlaten Demo 2008

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