Stnkweedo goes to Elmwood......for 60 to 90

Stnkweed Malone wanted to personally share his experience with the Shadow People and the Shedwellaz a bit more so here goes:

"The Shadow People started where the 'Dwellaz left off. Since Zodiakiller (R.I.P.) & Lobo Lobiano weren't around. Tizoe also wasn't available. So me and Eons started doing Shadow Peeps, until the 'Dwellaz could start doing stuff again. So me and Eons started messing around at his house. Eons made the beats and did the cuts, and sometimes I would help with the samples for hooks. We soon had a few tracks together. Tizoe soon came back into the picture and got on the last tracks. Leech filmed a video for us. It was extreme and too offensive for some, but is was good. The Shadow People's style, in my mind, was supposed to be very offensive; not 'happy hip-hop', but more of the stuff people never say but maybe would like to say; basically 'over-the-top' is what I was going for. I think that's part of the reason that Riley didn't keep going with the project; it was a little too extreme. I soon got back on meth and stopped doing music. Then the Kompound started up by Savage, Frank (Lepr), & Tizoe. I soon joined along with Lobo, then due to people moving and drugs and jail and all kinds of shit, the Kompound has kinda been put on hold. So I took the opportunity to start up the Shedwellaz again. TC Bone Locs (Go Like This!) had his studio in RWC and made the beats and I rapped, the rest is history. Basically we're just trying to do the Shedwellaz with pretty much anybody that's down with us helping out with the project. I think it's part of the reason it's so dope. It represents the West Bay Koalition's reputation for variety. TC's other band 'Murder of Crows' has helped us get hooked up with shows and things have been going good. I'm writing this the day before I go to jail for a stretch but I ain't tripping 'cuz I know all the Doomryderz and West Bay Dankdaddies have got my back. Big shout out to Lord Ballsakk for doing this website. Be on the lookout for a whole bunch of of Shedwellaz projects coming out in 2009.... we've recorded over 40 songs in the last 2 years!
Peace out ~ Stnkweed Malone ~ West Bay Presidente."

* If you want to drop Stnkweed a line while he's locked up, just write a comment here with your email address and you'll get sent his inmate info.


catfish hunter said...

Stink got locked up. lame.


john said...

yo, John from Chainsaw to the face here. Working on the split 7 inch with The Shedwellaz. hit me up with the contact info so i can drop him a line.