Plutocracy 'Dankstahz' album, "one of 20 US grindcore releases you just must own" - Terrorizer Magazine #181 March 2009

It was one thing to finally get some Doomryderz acknowledgment from the major metal press via the fact that 'This Comp Kills Fascists' made Decibel magazine's Top 40 releases of 2008 and made mention of Agents of Satan, but having Terrorizer magazine place Plutocracy's 'Dankstahz' album at #17 of the top 20 US grindcore albums that you must have is just fucking sick as fuck! I literally jumped off the couch last night when I turned the page to glance over the list and saw Pluto at #17!! I think I even spiked the mag in a display of victory; football style. Know what? Terrorizer is dead on spot listing this album as one of the most important grind records ever.....FUCKING EVER!! Think about it for a second. If you know you shit about grindcore and have never thought that this album actually is that historical and important to the genre....then buy a bullet and rent a gun, you fucking elitist faggot!!! Put this record up against all the current retro-grind out there, and you'll just want to slap yourself for never hearing this (if you haven't) and punch yourself in the junk (if you've never seen them live). Monumental and genius is how I think of this album. Kalmex and Stnkweed wrote this fucker in a haze of dope and malt liquor and proved their mettle and their METAL!! Terrorizer got it kinda correct although the cover art shown is not the actual cover art for the LP, the actual cover art on the 625 Productions/Slap-a-ham released ltd. LP* has the Pluto logo and a weird picture of an alien-like looking fetus (that's what I see anyway) and on the back they re-used the 'Freedom Denied' 7" cover art with the song titles. Also, the best way to listen to the Dankstahz album is on vinyl of course so fuck the CD and listen to this uploaded version of JUST the Dankstahz album and not all the older stuff (which is also killer but best listened to separately on their own as their own). And why the D.A. name drop, Terrorizer? The Pluto side of that split fucking crushes the D.A. side!! So sick of all the D.A. ass-licking in this scene....yaddaimeen? ~ Lord fucking Ballsakk

Plutocracy 'Dankstahz'

I ripped the Dankstahz tracks from the compilation CD so the track numbers say 7 thru 22

* The 'Dankstahz' 12" LP was limited to 500 copies because the shitty record plant (United?) broke the fucking plates for this masterpiece. Some German label asked Pluto to release a 10" version for Europe and who fucking knows exactly how many copies that sleazy dude pressed and sold of that version. (do you know? tell me if I'm wrong, I can handle it)


Eons One said...

this record almost never saw the light of day. it was oriiginally supposed to by on the label that put out freedom denied (name escapes, psycho...?) but they bailed. then steve hertitage was going to put it out, but bailed after all the vinyl was already pressed.

it sat at the plant (alberti or rainbo i believe) for a year at least (maybe longer). max asked chris if he was interested in helping so it became a split releases. at this point the plates were already destroyed. max and i screened 500 covers at ron from bl'ast's house and that was it.

german issue was not shady at all. the dude who put it out was an old trading friend of max, not sleazy at all. i'm gonna guess he pressed 2000 total (1000 each, 2 pressings). i only know of 1 repress. perhaps this is still in print?

cd was originally released by robert who released the 2nd sheep squeeze 7" and was last in the band air conditioning.

crucial record. changed my life when i got a dub of the final mix in high school.

i should rip "kill adam curry" someday. unreleased track from the snitch sessions.


Thanks for the elaborate back story Dan, I forgot all that shit probably because I was wasted when that story was told to me...and in my opinion ALL record labels are sleazy, including mine, meow.

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Anonymous said...

i agree that this is one of the best grindcore records of all time


RyJo said...

woooaaahhh, thanks for the shutout at the end.