Kalmex and The Riffmerchants 'It Goes to Eleven' Album

While listening to an episode of the Kurlee and Franko podcast where they had Spider the LA Doomryder on the line, he mentioned that his copy of this CD had fucked itself off completely and no CD player would play the disc.  I know there are other uploads of this to grab out there but none are of the quality of this upload.  This is the only KATRM release with Stinkweed.  See below for footage of the first KATRM show with Dan Lactose of Spazz who was in the band at it's original formation, there would have been 4 guitars had he stayed on!  All aboard the vessel of death!  File XXXL File XXXXL

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The L-RV said...

Thanks Homiez!!!
Been loving the podcast!!!