R.I.P. Kindred McCune (aka: Stinkweed Malone)

West Bay Koalition Presidente Kindred McCune (aka Stinkweed Malone) passed beyond our realm a few days ago. We don't know exactly how he passed. He was afflicted by a major infection associated with a broken leg as well as other ailments that outsiders would not know about. We lost our BROTHER. Period. Kin was THE most talented, gifted, driven, creative, and hard-fuckin-core dude the 'scene' has or will ever see again. Those of you who really knew him, understand these facts. To the rest of you, we truly appreciate your support but ask that the rumors stop, it's just not sexy for you to be speculating on this matter so stop it. There's a ton of material that Kindred recorded that has not been released publicly and we intend to honor our fallen brother by properly releasing them to our fans soon. In the meantime please honor our request to keep your uninformed commentary to yourselves, and, if you are connected to us, dial us up and talk to us. To those of you that have already done so, thanks for the love. To those of you that haven't, don't be shy. Cry now, cry later ~ Lord Balsakk
Extra special thanks to Curly for the vid below:

The picture at the top is from Plutocracy's performance at the Short, Fast, & Loud 'zine's 10 year anniversary fest at Gilman / January 2011


Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of knowing kindred for more than half my life. He was like noone I ever knew or will know! His unbridled enthusiasm always inspired me to follow my dreams! People talking shit better watch their mouths he has friends in all places. Don't disrespect!!! How he passed is none of your concern if you are supposed to know you would. A amazing person is gone end if story! ... rip kindred my condolences to his family his mom is probably really hurting her love and support seemed to have no limits. He is free now. Wrt

Lenny said...

I got this unbelievable news via email. Last time I saw Stinko was at Pelons' 40th. It pains me not to be stateside after the loss of one of the OG Westbay Doomryderz. Hopefully, Big Boy was waiting for him with a cold one. I want to let the entire Westbay Coalition know that If I was able, I would be at whatever memorial, service, or boozefest was going to go down in respect for Stinko passing. For anybody that doesnt have it, please shoot me an email: A.HEASLETT@GMAIL.COM
I dont do Facey-spaces or tweety-pages.

R.I.P Kindred


elysium said...

i met kindred through a good friend ZAK1 we were in the process of dropping some wax but it never worked out but i gained a good friend first time i talked to him on phone we talked about some label that burned me and he said LETS HANDLE THIS SHIT!!!! it made me laugh we met up in gilman when they did a shot it was cool GO LIKE THIS! just walked into gilman and just asked to play it was amazing set we talked and stuff great guy behind his tough interior was a really nice cool guy may god bless your soul kindred you will be remembered hare krishna brother bhakta anthony

Anonymous said...

Kindred Mccune....he was such a cutie in High School. I had him in a few classes and we just loved him. He actually had a crush on me and often sang a song, ...."Cha Cha Cha". I am so sorry to hear he is gone.

Rigo said...

It is with great sadness that I find out about Kindred's passing, years later. In the brief time that I met him, along with Thomas, Mat Ward and Billy in late 1990,I feel honored to have met such talented person who invited me to growl along with Plutocracy,not withstanding being ousted out of Plutocracy due to artistic differences, I never felt a grudge towards them. I last saw Kindred in 1994 in Redwood City tagging along for a ride with some of my friends. He was always in good spirits and I am glad I got to meet a human being with such talent and now that he has passed on, he leaves a legacy not to be forgotten. Rest in peace Kindred, and hope Thomas, Mat Ward and Billy are doing fine.
From Rigoberto Pocasangre (Rigo),Woodside High alumnus.