Agents of Satan Live Video from 5/20/11 by KILL THAT CAT

Dan HASHTHRASH and his lady Corin are total badasses. I've spent countless hours watching their live footage and collected live vids of only the sickest bands which they had originally posted to the internet via YouTube until some faggotassbitch got upset with one of their posts and narc'd them off for supposed copyright violation. So ALL of their 100's of uploads were nuked when their YouTube account got revoked. Being the badasses that they are, they renovated their Kill That Cat website and have been quickly re-building a library of live footage that is second to none for underground punk and metal. Go check their site if you haven't already: WWW.KILLTHATCAT.COM - Thanks Dan & Corin for filming and uploading the Agents footage so fast!!! ~ Lord Sakk and the A.O.S.


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